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Bands can now communicate?

Has any band members noticed yet that you can change layout, and add blog stories? Well, you can.

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About Us

'Once Again Until The End!' Such is the battlecry of The Gentlemen Bastards!!

Made up of 2 steve's, 2 Phil's and 6 Toms, this notorious original 5 piece band mix hot rock & pure ballards in a hedonistic cocktail that gets ya head spinning & ya arse shaking.

From the goodtime 'Vibe' & the international hit 'Damn Amsterdam' to the kiwi classic 'Could I Be Wrong' & the searingly soulful 'Someday', The Gentlemen Bastards set the night (& themselves!) on fire.

Some formal introductions are in order:

Steve 'Chopper' Jeffery-singer/songwriter/guitarist/diciplinarian

Tommy 'Told You Twice' McGinty-singer/songwriter/keyboardist/ladykiller

Phil 'Fingers' Woodward-singer/songwriter/guitarist/front lawn specialist

Steve 'Longtime' Lovell-bass ('nuff said)

Chris bang it out drummer

Get on the lovetrain with The Gentlemen Bastards-next stop: Oblivion!