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Gentlemen Bastards - Lovelands - July 2013

Vibe, played at Lovelands. Written by Thomas Mcginty Played by Gentlemen Bastards Thomas Mcginty, Phil Woodward, Adam Ford, Steve Jeffery and Steve Lovell. Thanks to Jeff Simmonds who filmed on his Cannon 5D mkii. Thanks to Tony Parkinson for capturing the live track on the night GO GENTLEMEN BASTARDS! copyright 2013 gentlemen bastards

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Gentlemen Bastards preforming Bic Lighter at Lovelands

Someday and Vibe by Gentlemen Bastards at Lovelands

Monroe perform at Lovelands Porirua

Gentlmen Bastards - End of the Line

Gentlemen Bastards - We Won

Gentlemen Bastards - I Don't Think So

Lovelands - Masquerade - Gentlemen Bastards - Bic Lighter

Lovelands - Masquerade - Gentlemen Bastards - I Don't Think So

Lovelands Masquerade - Everything You Are

Gentlemen Bastards and Co

Gentlemen Bastards Could I Be Wrong



Short Intro

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