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About Us

Michael Bradley (guitar)

John Derwin(drums)

Delmer Mason(vox/guitar)

Tony Parkinson (bass)


We are uploading tracks to soundcloud as they get near to finished a sneek peak at what we have been up to here -


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Foo Eeee


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Recording ETC.

Hey all  PROGRESS!

The good Dr. Ross at Audiiosuite is Mastering Take Take Take .It sounds bloody marvelous ! Others are in the queue so anm E.P. is coming your way .Thats right folks- 

in the nebulous regions of the future you will be able to have for your very own self a collection of your favourite Smashed Executive/Smiling Sun/Really? tunes , the only one known to exist in capitivity.Watch this space !

 Just a big thank you to our patron Steve Lovell.

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