2015 Lovelands Arockalypse

There has been an outbreak. The virus is spreading. As the people on the streets turn to savage flesh eating monsters you must survive. You need to take refuge with people and work together to save humanity.

There is one bastion that is standing strong against the infestation.Lovelands! And we are opening our doors Saturday 19th September to take in all survivors who arrive

Its walls have been strengthened and the door barricaded and with a line of Sonic defense greater than any place left in the wasteland you will sure to be just fine! Defending our lives with their tasty sounds are

Caz & Co: 8pm
Caz Steele is back again, with a band this time round to take the first watch and defend the incoming survivors

Wicked Fish: 9pm
This burly bunch of blokes are up next with their good time rock n' roll to take the attack on into the night

Merrin: 10pm
Up next Merrin dubbed ‘The BAND that was NEVER MEANT TO BE’ bring a dangerous mix of soul infused rock which will light up the Lovelands stage and stop the hordes in their tracks

PRZM: 11pm
As the smoke settles and the threat has died down. Progressive Blues Rock outfit PRZM take the stage to keep watch over one and all into the small hours

Will you make the trip? Will you survive the AROCKALYPSE?

As always there will be raffles on the night to stock up your supplies and the drinks machine is full of 'Elixirs' to fix anything that ails you.

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