Christmas. That time of year. Where did it come from? What does it mean? Did Siberian shamans really invent the idea of Santa while tripping on mushrooms. Or is Santa just a big marketing ploy to sell caffeinated drinks?

We don’t know much about that… What we do know, is, it is time for the infamous Lovelands Christmas Party V (FIVE)!!

And what we know for certain is that this year promises to be just as awesome as years gone by. This one should not be missed. We want to see Lovelands bursting at the seams!!

8.30pm Curlys Jewels
Residents of the Lovelands rehearsal room and all time favourites. Curlys Jewels will be kicking the night off swiftly, setting the bar high from the outset. Get in and get ya spot early, don’t miss out

9.30pm The Whiskey Show
The whiskey boys are back from hibernation. Having spent the winter hunkered down working with a new frontman they couldn’t resist stepping out for the Lovelands Christmas party. We are not quite sure what to expect, but we know they wont disappoint!

10.30pm Bakers Eddy
Having just won the 2015 NZ Battle of the Bands and returning from their European tour we are excited to have young guns Bakers Eddy rocking out at Lovelands for the first time. Bakers Eddy music is described as ‘all lean muscle’ and we can’t wait to see what they have to offer

11.30pm Skinny Hobos
Runners up at the 2015 NZ Battle of the Bands, Auckland rock duo, Skinnny Hobos come to make their Lovelands debut. Describing their sound as ‘Loud music from Auckland’ an air of mystery surrounds these guys and it promises to be fantastic.

As always the magical drinks machine will be brimming with tasty beverages. There will be plenty of special Christmas raffles. We would love to see you at Lovelands spreading the Christmas Cheer.

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