Well it's that time again folks, the glorious creation that is New Zealand music month. This is the month we celebrate all things good and true about original kiwi music. This year our scouts have been scouring the local festivals and venues far and wide. We are absolutely brimming with bands ready to play we are looking to be busy until August already!!

But fear not, we here at Lovelands know how to get things done right. So this NZ music month of May we have not one but TWO epic nights of only the best of local talent for your musical pleasure.

Volume 1 - Saturday 2nd May

Caz Bartholomew - 8pm
She is dark and secretive only coming out at night to sing her sweet songs.. kinda like a Morepork

The Blind 8.45pm
First timers to Lovelands, Gather around the chilli bin, crack a cold one and enjoy these guys folk-rock styles.

Gentlemen Bastards 9.45pm
Theyre back and as popular as ever.. with yet another new drummer all thats left to say about these guys is. How Bizarre, How Bizarre!

Curlys Jewels 10.45pm
Back again to slap the lovelands stage. Their powerhouse of sound will hit you like a Jandal across the face. Cha Hoo!

The Gentlemen Callers 11.45pm
These guys are hot. So very, hot. Hot as the tar-seal on a hot summers day. Better run down to the dairy and get a fruju to cool down.

Volume 2 - Saturday 16th May

Ronan Kavanagh 8pm
Ok so hes not a Kiwi, but this Irishman has bucket loads of talent and were lucky to have him.

King Mojo 8.45pm
Playing Lovelands previously under the name Starfinger Now called King Mojo we cant wait to see what they hit us with this time!

The Whiskey Show 9.45pm
These guys split heads open last time literally. With ACC and OSH building a case against us theyre back.

Underwire 10.45pm
Bringing the buzz back to us once again with their unique sound which is described as subversive yet uplifting. They even have a Buzzy Bee on their album cover. How Kiwi is that!!!

Old School Road 11.45pm
Its been too long.. far too long. So we are taking a roadtrip. Fill up the HQ. Pop a cassette in the deck and lets kick it old school with these Lovelands favourites.

These are going to be two nights so choice, so sweet as, so bloody cracker mate that it will make you wanna grab your coldies, throw on your stubbies and come down for a night of kiwiana music at its absolute finest.

As always the magic drinks machine is stocked, the raffle book is ready and the atmosphere is about as cool as it gets

$10.00 for non-members, members get in free


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