Recording ETC.

Hey all  PROGRESS!

The good Dr. Ross at Audiiosuite is Mastering Take Take Take .It sounds bloody marvelous ! Others are in the queue so an E.P. is coming your way .Thats right folks- 

in the nebulous regions of the future you will be able to have for your very own self a collection of your favourite Smashed Executive/Smiling Sun/Really? tunes , the only one known to exist in capitivity.Watch this space !

 Just a big thank you to our patron Steve Lovell. Without whom this amazing place could not exist. This place costs Steve and the cost of each gig really is remarkable value for $ either at $10 each time or for even better value as a member.

We want NZ music to survive and gain it's own kudos as a viable and exciting cultural vibe that is irresistable to their listeners.

I feel what is happening here is growing and in my opinion the quality of all our musicians and their dedication to their performances has produced greatly enjoyable evenings.

Long may it last!

Let us shed the landscape of mindless perfectionism as seen on TV. Somehow let us all keep building a community of passionate musicians (and yes as equally important) increasing our enthusiastically supportive audience as seen here at Lovelands. 



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