Curiosity Killed the Cat!

"Information brought it back!"

I was wondering how many would click the link, here's you reward!

Click this link right now! You won't regret it... unless you don't click it. Then you'll be sorry forever! But seriously, just do it already. What are you waiting for? Don't make me come over there and force-click your mouse myself!

 Click here or else!!! (I'm kidding.) Just click here if you want to see what happens next... but only if you really want to know what happens next because that is all I can say about that. Ok fine, I'll tell ya - nothing will happen next except maybe some disappointment on your part when nothing happens at all after clicking the link so please don't take my word for it though because then we'd both be disappointed together which would be kind of fun actually so go ahead and try anyway even though I told ya not toooOOOOOOOooooooohhhh wait no nevermind forget everything I said just read this instead http://www....blah blah blah something something something... ok bye now!! :)

Come on....after this you at least have to have a link that goes to something!

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