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Video: 'Sneaky" by Curlys Jewels. Filmed by Bradley Garner Creative at Lovelands

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Some are saying "there is an uprise of original music". I don't know about you but most of the new mainstream music is crap unless you are under 12. Welcome to Lovelands, it's undergound and that's just how we like it. There's nothing like kicking back and just enjoying original music with friends. This site is about the bands, the talented muso's who only work because they need to eat, the creative Guys and Gurlz who write, practice and perform with enthusiasm and gusto. If you need a band for an up coming gig, have a look around check out the recordings or the videos, feel free to contact them direct. 

Some great news folks, we are working on a Brand new website, expect great things by 2025!

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Welcome to

Underground original Kiwi music in Porirua.

NEW: The Gentlemen Bastards: Live at Lovelands
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