A "mekkie" is when you roll a 2 and 1 in the drinking game called "Mexican".


A fun drinking game to be played in a bar or pub with a group of friends.  Two dice and a number of drinks are all that's needed.


Players take it in turn to roll the two dice and score according to the following rules.  The first player may roll up to three times, but may elect to stop after the first or second roll.  Subsequent players must use as many rolls of the dice as the first player in their turn.  Players may hold either a 1 or 2 if they have rolled either and they are playing more than one roll in a turn.

1, 2:   MEKKIE! If a player rolls this, then the eventual loser must drink twice as much as previously agreed.  The player who rolled it has scored the maximum possible.

1, 3:   If a player rolls this then they must immediately drink one pre-determined unit of alcohol.  A player who rolls this must roll again to gain a score for the end of the round.  A player may not hold the 1 and rethrow the dice in this eventuality.

Any double:   Scores 100 times the single value of the double.  For example, 4,4 scores 400; 6,6 scores 600.

Any other combination:   Scores as a two digit number with the highest taken first.  For example, 5, 3, scores 53; 2, 6, scores 62.

The loser of a round is the player with the lowest score, who must take a drink.  Play as many rounds as you wish.


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