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Bic Lighter - Written by Thomas McGinty Gentlemen Bastards

Thomas McGinty
Bic Lighter, Written by Thomas McGinty 2011 Gentlemen Bastards
2011 Gentlemen Bastards
(Verse 1)
Shes lying, shes lying lying lyin to me
Insider on the wire keepin her away from me
This Fire burns brighter glowing blue with extacy
well im dying, im dying, dyin dyin i need.....

Bic Lighter this fire Burn away misery
Im lighter much higher her desire cannot be screend
A big fire on the wire burning with intensity
Bic lighter this nighta smokin up destiny

(lead break 2)

(Verse 2)
Shes crying, shes crying, crying and making a scene
keeps fighting keeps biting now she wants a piece of me
I keep writing keep writing set fire words fly free
So tired, unwired Gimmie that pipe and weed!!!!


(lead break 3)

Shes Lying shes lying lying on a bed of nails
keeps plannin keeps plannin now shes plannin to fail
keep writing keep writing set fire words fly free
so tired unwired gimmie my gear i need


(lead break 4 to outro)
2011 Gentlemen Bastards
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