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My Mum Said - Written by Steve Jeffery2011 Gentlemen Bastards

Steve Jeffery
My Mum Said - Written by Steve Jeffery 2011 Gentlemen Bastards
My Mum Said

When I was young and just a little man
My Ma Ma Mum she said to me
Boy, what you doin' with your life?
Whatever you choose is good enough for me.

I had a little time on my hands
I filled it up with sport and draining cans
Couldn't afford to spend no time
Giving knowledge from the old man
Because I spent my lifetime making plans
Inside my mind, I'd already taken my stand

But now we're lookin back on everything
On all the places been and sights seen
Now I know its all part of a good good thing
The defining moment when we get to sing

Yeah I spent a lotta time with my friends
We got fucked up in the end
No time to give to politics or
Real estate out in the sticks
Coz I left my lifeline in the sand
We might find we hang by a strand

And I see its time
I know you do
Love me through and through

Written by Steve Jeffery 2011 Gentlemen Bastards
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