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Dam Amsterdam

Steve Jeffery
You drew me in with them long loving limbs
Engulfed me whole, and I drank you in
Intoxicated with the promise and desire
A drunken fool stumbling through your mire.
But a love embrace can sometimes crush
Strangling desire,
faith and trust.

Oh damn, Amsterdam.
And when your promises were not kept
I got pissed, and I wept wept wept
14 days, and 14 nights you made me wait
No end in sight.

And in the end I had to ring you, to hear the words, I don’t love you.
Damn Amsterdam
You make me feel like half a man
Damn Amsterdam

I really was your biggest fan.
But not now, you can take a flying fucking leap
I don’t give a damn.
You’re not the girl who swore her love in the back of my van, oh no
Damn Amsterdam.
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