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Never Find

Thomas McGinty
Once again to the end
Keep empathy till the end
Strings vibrate in the air
And a wave dilates now you’re here

Because you never find, never find, never find another space
You never find because you’ll never find because she’s here
Because you can’t rewind
Because you can’t unwind

You can’t define
This love we have
Because now it’s time now it’s time
She’s here
Time again I reflect
How great it was that year
Set up my heart for the lair
Then I hit the ground thought it was air


My time is running over me, I’ve got to find my ultimate goal
You know I’ll never stop, I’m hurting but I still have to search my soul to keep on finding you
I think that you just have to know
That nothing will stop me from loving you

Falling for you x 4
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